Monday, March 23, 2015

Wall hanging from Milk jug and Nail polish

After a long time, I am here again with a recycling craft.

Items for this project:

Empty milk jug
Nail polish different colors
scissors and cutter
Jump rings
Shape stencils as you like.

1. Take an empty milk jug and clean it and remove the label. 
2. Cut the flat pieces from empty milk jug.
3. Iron on to remove curls.(use a cloth)
4. Trace the shape.
5. cut around the shape carefully.
6. Decorate with your favorite colors.
7. highlight it.
8. leave it to dry for one hour.
9. Make holes above and below the shapes.
10 put jump rings in those holes.
11.Using string and beads attach the pieces and hang on wall.

I hope pictures will speak more than my steps.

Items needed

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

stocking(nylone knee-Hi) flowers

Stocking flowers are very popular in India, and I wanted to make them very badly. But it's hard to find stocking cloth here in US(if some one know where to find them Pls let me know). So I looked for something that looked just like that.
Here is what I found and what I did.

Queen size Knee-hi Sandalfoot
(bought at Walmart for 33cents and is used for 6 to 8 flowers)
floral wire (thin and thick)
floral green tape
wire cutter
Sharpie Permanent markers

1.Cut the thin floral wire about 8 inches- need 5 of them

2. Using something that is round in shape and make a loop using that.

3. Do the same with all the 5 wires.

4. Now twist the wire and form the loop.

5.Open the Knee Hi's and cut of the top part and cut it to open like a rectangle. 

6.start from one end and cover the loops that we made with this cloth.The cloth is stretchable, so pull cloth as far as possible.

7.Close it and tie it with thread.

8.Using sharpie marker color them just you like.

9.take some plastic pollen (I made the pollens using thin floral wire, glue and Mustard seeds)and attach to thick floral wire using floral tape.

10.Now attach the petals.and tie a knot using thread.Just make sure it is tight and secure.

11. Now cover the bottom part using floral tape.

Arrange them just the way you like.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Card board Display rack

Yesterday, in my son's school there was an award function. Each kid gets an award for their unique quality. That function was really lovely. This is the second year my son is getting that award. He got some other trophies too, which I wanted to display in him room. So I was looking for a nice display rack. While searching I came across this nice cardboard display rack. This is really easy to make and is cheap. I spent 2$ for this rack.
Used cardboards(on hand)
Sticker sheet(1$)
Hot glue(1$)
Here is the link for that beautiful rack.

I just replaced paint with sticker sheet that we use for counters.

here is the my display rack with my son's awards....

Friday, February 21, 2014

100 days of school project idea - Texas map with plastic caps...

My son has to do something for his 100 days of school. So I thought to help him doing that he enjoys and some thing creative. So I came up with this cute and recycling project idea. I was saving all my caps from milk cans(both cow's milk jugs and soy milk cartons), and was lucky I already have more that 100.

I used
1. paint of 3 colors. Texas flag colors - Blue,red and white.
2. Hot glue
3. a foam sheet.
4. a paper star.


First I had one texas map and printed it at home as a poster(2x2), then I traced it placing on foam sheet to make impression.

Then,I drew according to the impression.

Now I arranged all the caps to see how they fit perfetly for the shape.

Then divide them according to the flag colors.

Color the caps accordingly.

Now using hot glue, Stick them to the foam sheet, place the star on it.
I added a simple border with some caps and a compass.

its done.( caps in texas and border and compass all together 100)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Cleaning silverware/silver jewelry/silver pooja items

I have some silver pooja items which I use them daily....the problem is They get tarnished and become black very soon and I kinda feel bad using them for pooja. So I asked my mom for help and she suggested 2 solutions. Both were really good. But the problem is you have to shed some calories for that. As I am a very lazy gal, I took some help from my dearest friend Google and found this morvoulous solutions where shedding calories is not a requirement. Here I will share with you all the 3 diffrent methods. If you are a lover of losing some calories go for 1 and 2, all others choose 3.

1. Using white tooth paste/tooth powder. My favorite is Colgate white tooth powder which does miracles. Just apply a small coat and using your hand just rub the item and then wash with cold water. Wipe clean.(my mother's solution 1)

2. Using ashes from insent sticks. This is the same procedure as above.(my mother's solution 2).
****update****u can polish silver items with this. After rubbing wipe it off with a tissue paper. No need for water. Tried and tested.

3. My most favorite. Hot water, aluminium foil and baking soda.

1. Take a bowl full of water and boil for 10 min. Water should be very hot.(be careful while handling hot water)
2. Cut aluminium wrap in to small pieces.
3. Now Put them in the hot water.
4. Immerse your silver ware in this hot water(which has aluminium wrap pieces).
5. This is the most fun part .... start pouring baking soda spoon by spoon and enjoy the reaction between aluminium wrap and baking soda. Using a wooden spoon just turn your silver ware so that all parts of it comes in contact with this reaction.
6. Wash with cold water and wipe it clean.
7. Voila !!! you are done. Sparking silver ware......Enjoy!!!!