Friday, January 17, 2014

Cleaning silverware/silver jewelry/silver pooja items

I have some silver pooja items which I use them daily....the problem is They get tarnished and become black very soon and I kinda feel bad using them for pooja. So I asked my mom for help and she suggested 2 solutions. Both were really good. But the problem is you have to shed some calories for that. As I am a very lazy gal, I took some help from my dearest friend Google and found this morvoulous solutions where shedding calories is not a requirement. Here I will share with you all the 3 diffrent methods. If you are a lover of losing some calories go for 1 and 2, all others choose 3.

1. Using white tooth paste/tooth powder. My favorite is Colgate white tooth powder which does miracles. Just apply a small coat and using your hand just rub the item and then wash with cold water. Wipe clean.(my mother's solution 1)

2. Using ashes from insent sticks. This is the same procedure as above.(my mother's solution 2).
****update****u can polish silver items with this. After rubbing wipe it off with a tissue paper. No need for water. Tried and tested.

3. My most favorite. Hot water, aluminium foil and baking soda.

1. Take a bowl full of water and boil for 10 min. Water should be very hot.(be careful while handling hot water)
2. Cut aluminium wrap in to small pieces.
3. Now Put them in the hot water.
4. Immerse your silver ware in this hot water(which has aluminium wrap pieces).
5. This is the most fun part .... start pouring baking soda spoon by spoon and enjoy the reaction between aluminium wrap and baking soda. Using a wooden spoon just turn your silver ware so that all parts of it comes in contact with this reaction.
6. Wash with cold water and wipe it clean.
7. Voila !!! you are done. Sparking silver ware......Enjoy!!!!