Monday, March 23, 2015

Wall hanging from Milk jug and Nail polish

After a long time, I am here again with a recycling craft.

Items for this project:

Empty milk jug
Nail polish different colors
scissors and cutter
Jump rings
Shape stencils as you like.

1. Take an empty milk jug and clean it and remove the label. 
2. Cut the flat pieces from empty milk jug.
3. Iron on to remove curls.(use a cloth)
4. Trace the shape.
5. cut around the shape carefully.
6. Decorate with your favorite colors.
7. highlight it.
8. leave it to dry for one hour.
9. Make holes above and below the shapes.
10 put jump rings in those holes.
11.Using string and beads attach the pieces and hang on wall.

I hope pictures will speak more than my steps.

Items needed

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.