Friday, February 21, 2014

100 days of school project idea - Texas map with plastic caps...

My son has to do something for his 100 days of school. So I thought to help him doing that he enjoys and some thing creative. So I came up with this cute and recycling project idea. I was saving all my caps from milk cans(both cow's milk jugs and soy milk cartons), and was lucky I already have more that 100.

I used
1. paint of 3 colors. Texas flag colors - Blue,red and white.
2. Hot glue
3. a foam sheet.
4. a paper star.


First I had one texas map and printed it at home as a poster(2x2), then I traced it placing on foam sheet to make impression.

Then,I drew according to the impression.

Now I arranged all the caps to see how they fit perfetly for the shape.

Then divide them according to the flag colors.

Color the caps accordingly.

Now using hot glue, Stick them to the foam sheet, place the star on it.
I added a simple border with some caps and a compass.

its done.( caps in texas and border and compass all together 100)