Monday, October 28, 2013

My childhood game....Chaar


When we were kids, there were so many games we used to play. I always think my son is missing all that fun. One of those games was "Chaar". Chaar is a Hindi word which means four. Basically there will be 4 boxes and 4 bean bags. One person is what we call is a thief.
Game setup
Draw lines as shown.
Put 4 bean bags in middle.
4 kids, each stand in one box.
The person(kid 5 so called thief) walks  on the lines and at some point stands on the bean bags and says chaar.
Then other 4 kids try to take those bags with out the thief touching them.
A kid can take more than one bag and pass them to other kid. But his box can not be empty, either he or at least one bean bag should be there in his box. If the box is empty and thief(kid 5) enters that box and shouts "out", kid that owns the box is the next thief.
If each kid got one bean bag with out getting out by the thief, then game starts again. The same kid(kid 5) will be the thief again.

Starting the game...

Kid 5(thief) shouts "chaar" standing on bean bags...
correct position

correct position
wrong position Kid 2 is it and
game starts again with kid 2 as thief

correct and game starts again with kid 5 as thief again...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Eye ring - with milk carton seal

This is for Halloween...
Today I opened my son's soy milk carton and when I looked at that seal i thought why not make a ring out of it....just for love this kind of stuff....
then I remembered Halloween is around and Eye ring and monster ring will be apt.
so this is what I made...

Milk carton seal
Sharpie markers..

Friday, October 25, 2013

Giraffe Pencil holder with dish cleaner bottle

Today I finished my dish cleaning liquid and was about to throw the bottle in the trash....then i just thought why not reuse it and make something for my kid's desk....

I removed the labels and then i cleaned and dried it. I made this cool giraffe pencil holder and my son loved it....he is already using it....
here is how i made that..


1. Empty dish cleaner bottle(cleaned and dried)
2. hot glue
3. cardboard cut in shape of oval
4. scissors
5. glass stones
6. spray paint
7. craft knife
8. Sharpie marker/Dry erase board pen
9. empty milk jug

How to make!!!

1. Using hot glue stick the glass stones on the cardboard. Basically we have to cover the cardboard completely. This makes the base for the pencil holder. The stones give some weight at the base and avoid flip overs.

step 2
Remove the top part of the dish cleaner bottle and spray yellow color paint.

step 3
Cut a rectangle from empty milk jug and draw head of giraffe.
and body on separate rectangle.

step 4.
Cut the shape and spray yellow color.

Step 5
draw spots on giraffe with sharpie marker/black dry erase pen. and fill them in.

Step 6
Do the same with body part.

Step 7
Repeat the same for bottle.

step 8
Attach all three parts with hot glue.

Step 9
Attach this with the base we made out of cardboard.

Step 10
Its all done. Place your pencils and marker...enjoy!!!

Plastic Spoon Flower-Recycling craft

1.Plastic spoons-6 glue
3.scissors/candle to separate spoon heads
4. Plastic bottle cap
5.colors, paint brush

step 1
separate the spoon heads and tails using scissors or candle(candle method is more i used scissors)

step 2
color the head with red and tails with green.
color plastic cap with orange.

step 3
now using hot glue stick all the spoon heads to the plastic cap in shape of flower.

step 4
stick 3 spoon tails on the other side to form the stem....

sprinkle some glitter in the middle of the flower.

place it in a small looks beautiful....

Thursday, October 24, 2013

glitter work-Dollar store craft

This Dollar store decor is really cool....
I just tried with the stuff I have at home...
If you have any other decorative stuff this will look more beautiful.....

1. Black Felt Sheet (20 cents -Walmart)
2. Glue Glitter tubes pack -1$(dollar tree)
3. chalk (for drawing a design)
4. Frame (1$ dollar tree)
Step 1
Draw a cool and simple design of your choice on the felt sheet using chalk.

Step 2 :
Draw the stems with gold color glue glitter.

step 3 
Outline the leaves with green color and flowers with the color of your choice.

Step 4 
fill in them with glitter glue.
Be luxurious while filling, as after drying this glue glitter looks less.

step 5 
Let it dry overnight.
Outline all the flowers and leaves with gold color.

step 6
let it dry for couple of hours and then frame it.
this is the final look.
Even kids can do this.....