Thursday, October 24, 2013

glitter work-Dollar store craft

This Dollar store decor is really cool....
I just tried with the stuff I have at home...
If you have any other decorative stuff this will look more beautiful.....

1. Black Felt Sheet (20 cents -Walmart)
2. Glue Glitter tubes pack -1$(dollar tree)
3. chalk (for drawing a design)
4. Frame (1$ dollar tree)
Step 1
Draw a cool and simple design of your choice on the felt sheet using chalk.

Step 2 :
Draw the stems with gold color glue glitter.

step 3 
Outline the leaves with green color and flowers with the color of your choice.

Step 4 
fill in them with glitter glue.
Be luxurious while filling, as after drying this glue glitter looks less.

step 5 
Let it dry overnight.
Outline all the flowers and leaves with gold color.

step 6
let it dry for couple of hours and then frame it.
this is the final look.
Even kids can do this.....

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