Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cd Candle Holder- Reuse old CDs...

I came across this beautiful candle stand, while watching some videos from ETV2 (Indian Telugu Channel) ...
it really is nice and easy to make....

Items Needed

1. Old CDs (3)
2. Hot glue
3. Colorful beads
4. Foam sticker(round)

Step 1
Clean the cds with lense cleaner

on the label side of cd, using hot glue stick 4 beads
on second cd add 6/8 beads
Steps 4 
on third cd add 6/8 beads

steps 5
now stick all 3 cds on each other.

step 6
on the top cd around the edge attach the bead chain.
Stick the foam circle in the middle,and 
 attach the bead chain around the foam circle.

Final look 
 Hope you love this....
c u soon....

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