Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Butterfly with Recycle Milk jug - Tutorial

Making these butterflies are fun...I saw this project somewhere in pintrest and tried them. They came out pretty well, so thought of making this tutorial....
Items required

Items needed
1. Empty Milk jug - cleaned and dried
2. Butterfly template here or you can just draw freehand--
3. Scissors
4. Craft knife
5. Sharpie permanent fine tip markers- black, and any other color of your choice
6. Glitter and other decorative items of your choice

1. Remove the cap and wrapping paper on the milk jug if any.

2. Make a slit on the top and bottom of the jug as shown in the pic. Remove those parts( as in the pic)

3. Now you have a ring.

4. Now cut it in the middle and make it into 2 rectangles

5. Now trace the template of butterfly or draw on your own with sharpie black color marker.

6. Now cut the outline into the shape of butterfly.

7. Fill the butterfly with color of your choice and highlight the black part again to make sure it looks crisp and clear.

8 let it dry.
9. . Bend it in the middle a little.

10. You can decorate it further with glitter and other decorative stuff.
11. Make them in different sizes and stick them on the wall. Nice wall decor for girl's room.

will post more pics soon.....

1. Be careful while using craft knife and scissors , they are really sharp. Keep them away from kids.
2. Sharpie markers are permanent, so cover your work area carefully, you don't want to make any permanent marks on you carpet,clothes or any unwanted places.

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