Monday, October 28, 2013

My childhood game....Chaar


When we were kids, there were so many games we used to play. I always think my son is missing all that fun. One of those games was "Chaar". Chaar is a Hindi word which means four. Basically there will be 4 boxes and 4 bean bags. One person is what we call is a thief.
Game setup
Draw lines as shown.
Put 4 bean bags in middle.
4 kids, each stand in one box.
The person(kid 5 so called thief) walks  on the lines and at some point stands on the bean bags and says chaar.
Then other 4 kids try to take those bags with out the thief touching them.
A kid can take more than one bag and pass them to other kid. But his box can not be empty, either he or at least one bean bag should be there in his box. If the box is empty and thief(kid 5) enters that box and shouts "out", kid that owns the box is the next thief.
If each kid got one bean bag with out getting out by the thief, then game starts again. The same kid(kid 5) will be the thief again.

Starting the game...

Kid 5(thief) shouts "chaar" standing on bean bags...
correct position

correct position
wrong position Kid 2 is it and
game starts again with kid 2 as thief

correct and game starts again with kid 5 as thief again...

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