Friday, October 25, 2013

Giraffe Pencil holder with dish cleaner bottle

Today I finished my dish cleaning liquid and was about to throw the bottle in the trash....then i just thought why not reuse it and make something for my kid's desk....

I removed the labels and then i cleaned and dried it. I made this cool giraffe pencil holder and my son loved it....he is already using it....
here is how i made that..


1. Empty dish cleaner bottle(cleaned and dried)
2. hot glue
3. cardboard cut in shape of oval
4. scissors
5. glass stones
6. spray paint
7. craft knife
8. Sharpie marker/Dry erase board pen
9. empty milk jug

How to make!!!

1. Using hot glue stick the glass stones on the cardboard. Basically we have to cover the cardboard completely. This makes the base for the pencil holder. The stones give some weight at the base and avoid flip overs.

step 2
Remove the top part of the dish cleaner bottle and spray yellow color paint.

step 3
Cut a rectangle from empty milk jug and draw head of giraffe.
and body on separate rectangle.

step 4.
Cut the shape and spray yellow color.

Step 5
draw spots on giraffe with sharpie marker/black dry erase pen. and fill them in.

Step 6
Do the same with body part.

Step 7
Repeat the same for bottle.

step 8
Attach all three parts with hot glue.

Step 9
Attach this with the base we made out of cardboard.

Step 10
Its all done. Place your pencils and marker...enjoy!!!

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