Thursday, October 10, 2013

Decorative candle stands - Dollar store craft

Just few decorative touches makes a dollar store bowls a classy look is an example...

I got these bowls from dollar tree (2 for 1$)
I used acrylic paints(each 99cents)
and Varnish or any water sealant....

Items required 

Glass bowl(2 for 1$)
Acrylic colors(each 99 cents)
Varnish(any water sealant)-on hand
Brushes- on hand

Items required


1 . Turn the bowl upside down.
2. Place 2 drops of yellow color and one drop of red color in the middle of the bowl(Bowl is upside down)

3. Mix the colors with paint brush forming a circle in the middle. Colors should be uniform. As you are working with glass, making colors uniform may take little time.

4. With red color, draw petals around this big circle.

Look from upside down

look from the top

 5. Now carefully, fill in the red color in those petals.
back view

top view
6. Put some green dots like leafs in between red petals.
Color the brim uniformly with red.

back view

top view
 6.Let it dry completely. May take 30 min time.
Then apply a coat of varnish or any water sealant.

 7. Let it dry overnight.

After overnight rest
 8.Put t light candle or any other candle and Enjoy the vibrant colors along with the candle effect.

look at the beautiful shadow it is forming ...

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial....

1. Be careful while working with glass.
2. Keep varnish away from fire. Light a candle only after the varnish is completely dry.
3. Keep candle fire away from kids....

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