Friday, November 15, 2013

Candle stand/holder with Lemon juice bottle-Recycling craft

Whenever I see a plastic bottle of any kind I feel like either recycle it or doing some thing out of it. Lemon juice bottle, which I rarely use, is there in our fridge from so many days. I thought it crossed it's expiration date and I just emptied it. When I saw the bright color of that bottle and as Christmas is around, I could just think of a candle stand out of it. So i tried and outcome was wonderful.
Here is what I did....
Items Used
1. Lemon juice bottle
2. Glitter
3. Glue
4. Scissors
5. Hot glue
6. Candle, of course.
7. Marker(brown or purple)
8. Cotton swabs-2


1. Separate the base of the bottle using scissors. Keep this base aside, later we will use it.

 2. Draw petals as shown and cut them using scissors.
3. It should look like this.
Just press it a little bit to open up the petals as shown.

 4. Remove the cap and trim it as shown.
5. I used candle to avoid sharp edge.

6. Using marker, in the center, draw some pollen.
7. apply glue around inside of the petals, and sprinkle glitter.

8. Shake off the extra glitter. I used cotton swabs to remove glitter that stuck on.
9. Repeat the same thing on the outer side of the petals.
10. Using hot glue attach the base as shown in the pic.

11.Ta da.... You are the candle and light it...and enjoy !!!

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