Thursday, November 21, 2013

Freezer paper stencil for fabric painting

Yesterday I brought a white t-shirt for my son and he started complaining that he did not like that shirt at all.....
I asked him the reason for that and he told it is just a plain white shirt, and it did not have any pic on it. So I thought and said him why not we paint a pic on your shirt and then you can wear it. So he became so excited and agreed to that idea. So now it's time for him to choose a pic and he wanted to paint that pic all by himself. Now it's a problem for me...then I remembered the article I read on Pintrest, how we can make stencils from Freezer paper and do fabric we tried that and it really came out well....and he is happy to wear that shirt...he is happy and so I am happy...after all that's all that matters right...

Items we used

  • Freezer paper
  • A train picture(that's what my son liked)
  • scissors to cut
  • Iron (to temporarily stick freezer paper to the fabric)
  • Fabric color
  • 3D Liner
  • Sponge (to paint)
  • Empty Cereal box(to protect other side of the fabric)
  • T-shirt(of course!!!)

Here is what we did...

  1. Pre-wash the fabric and dry the fabric to remove any chemicals.
  2. Iron the fabric to remove wrinkles.
  3. choose a pic of your choice and print it on normal paper.
  4. Now place the freezer paper on the pic and trace it.
  5. Now cut the pic
  6. Place the glossy side of freezer paper on the fabric and iron it for 30 sec. It will stick to the fabric.
  7. Take an empty cereal box and make it flat. Put that in between two layers of fabric.
  8. Now it's time to paint. Use the sponge and paint it inside the pic.( my son did this part all by himself...and he was very happy with that)
  9. Remove the freezer paper.
  10. using the out liner decorate your pic.
  11. let it dry for 24 hrs. then its ready to wear....


  1. Super sweet, nice work and looks great, almost shop bought - machine printed! :-)

    1. Thank you so much FirelsSweet....

    2. Ohhhh dear!!! It's you......I got it....thanks r the first one to comment on my blog.....I got inspired....

  2. Good work.. I see a lot of prospect.. Be an entrepreneur, mam!!