Tuesday, March 18, 2014

stocking(nylone knee-Hi) flowers

Stocking flowers are very popular in India, and I wanted to make them very badly. But it's hard to find stocking cloth here in US(if some one know where to find them Pls let me know). So I looked for something that looked just like that.
Here is what I found and what I did.

Queen size Knee-hi Sandalfoot
(bought at Walmart for 33cents and is used for 6 to 8 flowers)
floral wire (thin and thick)
floral green tape
wire cutter
Sharpie Permanent markers

1.Cut the thin floral wire about 8 inches- need 5 of them

2. Using something that is round in shape and make a loop using that.

3. Do the same with all the 5 wires.

4. Now twist the wire and form the loop.

5.Open the Knee Hi's and cut of the top part and cut it to open like a rectangle. 

6.start from one end and cover the loops that we made with this cloth.The cloth is stretchable, so pull cloth as far as possible.

7.Close it and tie it with thread.

8.Using sharpie marker color them just you like.

9.take some plastic pollen (I made the pollens using thin floral wire, glue and Mustard seeds)and attach to thick floral wire using floral tape.

10.Now attach the petals.and tie a knot using thread.Just make sure it is tight and secure.

11. Now cover the bottom part using floral tape.

Arrange them just the way you like.

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